Aleksandra Jakubowski

Owner & Lead Designer

With over 10 years of experience in the window treatment industry, Aleksandra is very passionate about interior design and home aesthetics. She obtained a degree in Psychology, and although she did not take that traditional route post-graduation, she strongly believes in environmental psychology, and how interior design elements can evoke positive feelings by encouraging creativity, peace, and overall happiness in an individual. In her teenage years, Aleksandra moved with her family to the United States from Poland. As she lived on two continents throughout her lifetime, her elevated style has been inspired by a charming mix of contemporary European design, as well as Mid-Century Modern American. Nevertheless, adaptability being her strong suit, she can adjust her vision to accommodate any desires or personal styles of her clients to achieve a bespoke and refined look. Aleksandra’s integrity, impeccable attention to detail, and excellent communication skills helped her develop lasting customer relations with many private clients, interior designers, and architects in the Philadelphia area. Further, she is a mother of two adorable and lively little boys, Roger and Oliver, who taught her first-hand, to always expect the unexpected. In her free time, Aleksandra likes to travel with her kids and husband, Tom; discovering new cultures, trying different dishes, and dancing to any music that’s playing. In the summer you can find her on the beach with a good book or covered in sand, building castles with her kids. Whereas, in the winter, she’s on the slopes, skiing from morning till dawn.

Art of living stylishly

Why choose Avant-Garde Designs?

Avant-Garde Designs values transparency and customer satisfaction. In the initial consultations, we take time to listen and understand her client’s desires, ideas, doubts, and limitations. We want to fully comprehend their own, personal style and, together, create the ideal window treatment. We can accommodate any project, big or small and we are with you every step of the way. We thoroughly believe that each home and client is unique and, therefore, should be treated as such. At Avant-Garde Designs, we consider every single project as “the most important project” and we ensure that all of our clients receive our undivided attention and maximum effort. In parallel, we aim to provide them with only the best quality products and exceptional services, to deliver first-class results.

Meet My Team



Tomasz has over 19 years of experience working as a window treatment installer. He first gained experience working in Florida and mastered his craft in Pennsylvania. He’s incredibly precise and thorough, as he believes no matter the product, without proper installation, it cannot have the final effect the client is expecting. His extensive experience in the industry has provided him with technical knowledge of all window treatments, from hard to soft. There isn’t a project Tomasz wouldn’t successfully complete. He is a very positive and hard-working individual, which clearly shows through his attitude and demeanor. Further, he is the husband of Owner,  Aleksandra, and together, they make a great, trusted team!


Head Seamstress

There aren’t enough great things to say about our master seamstress, Iwona! As the mother of the Owner, Aleksandra, she also moved from Poland to the United States and has been involved in the product development of textiles and garments for the last 35 years. For many of those years, she made custom evening gowns and ballroom dancing attire for national competitions. Now, her main focus involves custom home accessories, such as pillows, bedding, valances, and drapes, among others. Her unparalleled expertise, talent, and a sharp eye for design always surpass our client’s expectations. Alongside Aleksandra, Iwona is also involved in developing new accessories, such as pillows. The mother-daughter duo has created many refined and incredible accessories that added the cherry on top of the perfect project. Further, Iwona’s technical skills, timeliness, and dedication are unmatched. Her passion for the craft is always exemplified through her work.

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