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Timeless, reimagined – a space that has been completely reinterpreted without boundaries or constraints, well-appointed, elevated, refined – having many design options but selecting ones that complement each other, bespoke – something custom made especially for you.

About Us

With over 10 years of experience in the window treatment industry, we have had the pleasure of working alongside many talented designers and window treatment specialists. It has taught us that as creative individuals, all of our unique personalities, backgrounds, and experiences are a direct representation of our work. That is why we believe it’s extremely important to embrace every single part of who you are and define what makes you authentically stand out in this industry. Personally, we value integrity, grit, attention to detail, and individuality. We want to make sure that each client is heard, their needs are met and the final product is not a second-rate version of someone else’s. Our customers deserve my uttermost attention and expertise to receive the window treatment designs of their dreams!

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